SEIZINE VENTURES LIMITED is an Employment, Education and General Agency, Construction & General Supplies Company that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality service, on time and at a competitive consideration.

As an employment agency, we are an energized and dedicated team that employs innovative approaches in customizing services that bridge the gap between job candidates and employers.

Our extensive experience allows our clients to place trust in us to provide viable choices based on their requirements, making the process a time efficient and easy procedure.

At Seizine, our consultants are constantly monitoring the present work force market, working as a collective to deliver results in an expedient manner.

Our services allow clients to enhance and expand their recruiting functions without having to invest additional resources in HR.

We are committed to providing our clients innovative, flexible and creative solutions for identifying and acquiring the ‘right’ people. VSL completes each assignment with speed, accuracy and, more importantly, total client and candidate satisfaction. We have built, and take great pride, in our reputation for honoring our promises, integrity and service… never sacrificing quality or, cutting corners.


At SEIZINE VENTURES, we take pride to deliver our promises. All our clients are the most valuable asset as our aim is to be a trusted and reliable long-term business partner.


We take pride and integrity in our core of business. Trust and responsibility are our main direction in the businesses with our valued clients. We are committed in delivering the best services and solutions to our valued clients in every aspect of our business.


We endeavor to treat all our clients in a professional way by employing best practice, honesty and high ethical standards.


At SEIZINE VENTURES LIMITED we are aware that the world is fast changing and has become a global village. For this reason, we offer our clients innovative services that can stand the test of time.


At SEIZINE VENTURES LIMITED we acknowledge that the client is king and is at the center of our Business. We recognize that services and client satisfaction come first.